Server Information
Grand Opening: 20/07/2023 (GTM+08)
New Created Character Will Get 10.000 Points
Free 1 Skin, 1 Flag, 1 Patterns (Press F4 In-Game)
1 Set Full GL (5 days)
1 Muun VIP (3 days)
Server Version Season 6 | Ver 1.04E
Experience x10.000
Master Experience x5.000
Drop 50%
Maximum Level 400
Max Stat 65.535
Max Cmd (Dark Lord) 32.767
Level Reset 400
Reset Keep Point | No Back Lorencia
Reset Limit (Top 1) 20/Day
Limit Main.exe/PC 5/PC


/reset - /reset auto Reset your character.
/evo Evolve your character.
/pkclear Clear killer status
/post [message] Sends a message to the global.
/addstr [points] Adds points to Strength.
/addagi [points] Adds points to Agility.
/addvit [points] Adds points to Life.
/addene [points] Adds points to Energy.
/addcmd [points] Adds points to Command.
/requests [on/off] Enable / disable requests in-game.
/clearinv Clear your inventory.
/pack [jewel name] [value] Example: /pack soul 10.
/unpack [jewel name] [value] Example: /unpack soul 10.
/attack Auto attack.
/pick [jewel name] Auto pick jewels.
/marry [character name] Marry system.
/divorce [character name] Marry system.

Features Ingame

Socket Off
Grand Reset Off
Gens Off
Change Password On
Security Lock On
Buy VIP On
Quest On
Change Class On
Auto Add Point On
ReAdd Point On
Party On
Party Search On
Ranking On
Event Infomation On
Invasion Infomation On
Fanpage Button On
Discord Button On
Auto Reset Button On
Skin System On
Flag System On
Patterns System On
Meteorite System On
Cultivation Realm On